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CHANA Systems

Solutions with Partners IBM
This Month Linux Deals:
Buy a New Computer from Chana Systems from Lenovo  and leading Brands.

Computer + Linux + Windows +

and our Expert Support as a Package Deal.
Laptop or Desktop
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Reliable Linux Solutions, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mandriva, Red Hat or Novell Suse

Thin Clients>> More Secure and save Money

Ask About QIZSOFT Project

Ask us about Lenovo 3000 Leading Laptops and Desktops, Special Prices.

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Enter the World of Smart IT Solutions

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Deals!! Leading Laptops, Unix, Linux Servers. CHANA Systems - System Integrators
Linux Thin Clients NEW Smart Cards Security
Implementation of Smart Cards and ERP


Phone: 972 3 6820926
Mobile: 972 52 4073029

In Israel: 03- 6820926 Sam


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